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ABOUT EXPRESSIONS Objects & Sentiments from the Heart
Our concept originates with the delicate mouth-blown glass heart, embellished with shimmering SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS®, the name given to each heart's coloration and design, and the sentimental and heartwarming story associated with that name.

The concept has expanded to new, bespoke handmade keepsakes that Heart provide a heartwarming way to connect us, in all of life's moments, ordinary and extraordinary, through challenge, in triumph, through tears and sorrow, in laughter and in joy, combining the symbolic beauty and universally identifiable symbol of love with the signature sparkle of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS® that continuously reflect the sentiment that touches the heart with unique and personal connections to special moments in time.

Each keepsake heart is created from delicate, mouth-blown glass, hand painted in the U.S.A. with American paints by American artists, then exquisitely embellished by American hands who painstakingly place each of the round, faceted, jewelry quality SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS® into the waffled impressions in the glass.

Each made-to-order heart is then attached to hand-tied organza bows and a hanging ribbon and nestled in a laser engraved, satin pillow lined, aromatic, red cedar box for an exquisite presentation that includes an imprinted sentiment card that sparkles with emotion that is guaranteed to touch the heart.


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